Comprehensive Guide for Xcalak’s Premier Saltwater Fly-Fishing

Packing & Preparation for Saltwater Fly-Fishing in Chetumal Bay Flats

Important Note When Saltwater Fly-Fishing Along the Yucatan

Your day of fishing starts with your either being picked you being picked up from our private Caribbean dock. The owner or manager of The Xflats will introduce you to your personal guide for the day. A typical fishing day has you departing from the lodge at 8:00am and returning around 4:00pm. We are fortunate here in Xcalak to have very short rides to the fishing. On low wind days you often fish the Caribbean flats with no run at all, however on windier days or depending on the species you are targeting a common ride of 10-20 minutes to Chetumal bay is necessary.

As an important reminder; be sure to bring appropriate attire for your saltwater fly-fishing experience in the Yucatan sun (long-sleeves, light-weight pants, hat, and SPF 60 sunblock.) Also, remember to hydrate as often as possible; as we recommend drinking between three to four liters a day (roughly 132 fluid ounces.) We cannot stress enough, please alert your saltwater guide when you are feeling over-heated, we will happily stop the boat for a quick cool-down swim.

*A Mexican Fishing License MUST be acquired for every angler who wishes to fish with our saltwater guides in Xcalak. STATE | Quintana Roo & TOWNSHIP | Othon P Blanco

Saltwater Fly-Fishing Personal Items & Clothing List

PDF Packing List coming soon …

Personal Items

Driver’s License
ATM Card*
Credit Card(s)
Rental Car Confirmation
Rx Prescriptions
Small First Aid Kit
Sports Tape/Duct Tape
Lip Block with Sunscreen
Insect Repellent
Zip Lock Baggies

*You can pay for fishing with US Dollars or Pesos (15-1). It is best to get pesos for food and rooms. Speak with your bank about ordering pesos.


Lightweight Long Sleeves *
Short(s) | 
    Quick Drying
Sun Blocking Hat(s)
Pant(s) |
    Sun Blocking
Sun Gloves |
    As Desired
Rain Pant(s) |
    As Desired 
Rain Jacket |

*We recommend lightweight, breathable sun blocking clothing in neutral colors.


Laced Wading Boots |
    All Day Wear
    Lace Up
    Best for Long Bonefish Wades
Neoprene Wading Boots |
    Fast On & Off
    Best for Permit Wading
    Minimal Use for Bonefish Walking
Neoprene Wading Socks
Low Profile Dive Booties |
    As Desired

*We recommend that you wear your clothing for at least a few hours prior to your trip.

Recommended Saltwater Fly-Fishing Gear

Polarized Sunglasses |
    Large Lens for Light Reduction
Glasses Cleaner
Small Pocket Knife
Hook Sharpener
Wading Pack |
    Recommended Chest Height
Hemostat(s) with Backup

Fly Rod(s) |
    We would recommend four
    fully rigged rods for each day.
    Rigged for Bonefish, Permit,
    Tarpon/Snook, Barracuda
Fly Reel(s)
Waterproof Boat Bag
Leader(s)/Tippet Material
Fly Boxes
Line Cleaner/Dressing & Pad

Don’t Forget To Bring Your Luck!

Saltwater Flies



 Tarpon & Snook

Barracudas & Jacks

Our Fish page has some of the most popular species of fish we fly fish for here in the Yucatan. Don’t miss our Photo Gallery for images of saltwater fly fishing in Xcalak, Mexico here in the Yucatan. Sign up for our Newsletter to get updates on our lodge, fly fishing and specials.

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